Guest post by Refjúžn

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On the occasion of World Refugee Day on June 20, 2020, the Milan Šimečka Foundation is launching an open call for a poster design. An expert jury will select three winners who will compete for the following prizes: 1st place 300 euros, 2nd place 200 euros and 3rd place 100 euros. In addition, we will announce a Public Award. We will display the winning entries at the [fjúžn] Festival and in the festival magazine. The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2020.

What are we looking for?

World Refugee Day, which falls on June 20, reminds us that every 108th person in the world has been forced to flee their home due to war or persecution.

At a time of pandemic, when countries have closed their borders and people have stopped moving, it is not possible for everyone to stay at home, practice social distancing, or wash their hands regularly. The coronavirus pandemic has isolated us, but it offers us an opportunity to display concern and solidarity with others. The topic of migration and people on the run divides society, and we feel the need to look deeper into this phenomenon and examine what is behind the fear of the unknown.

Create posters that respond to the current situation regarding migration and movement restrictions. Where would you migrate if you could? Is movement possible for everyone equally? What are the limits to our solidarity? Does pandemic affect everyone equally? Are we even more afraid of the unknown? Do foreigners live in your neighborhood? Is the voice of vulnerable groups audible enough? Where would you go if you had to leave your home? And do you think the host country would welcome you? How do you react to the statements, “I’m not a racist, but …”, “so take them home”?

Submissions may not promote the suppression of human rights and freedom or spread national, racial, religious, class, or other hatred against another group of people. Works that are not related to the theme of the open call will not be accepted.

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