[Kingsbury High School’s Refugee Week 2013 intergenerational community project]

This year Refugee Week ran from 17th June to 23rd June 2013.

Across the week, approximately 350 events took place, attended by over 70,000 people. We distributed a range of materials again this year, including; banners, t-shirts, balloons, badges and a range of printed materials. Around 1,800 posters and 8,300 postcard flyers marking this year’s RW theme were distributed to over 300 organisations & partners across the UK.

Other key developments this year included: a 100% increase in our media presence; international development with South Korea joining the Refugee Week movement; some brilliant events organised by supporters across the refugee, arts, community, education and social services, including various museums and archives; the creation of a new time-line resource; improved collaboration within the Refugee Week partnership.

Our new time-line and ‘living archive’ (www.refugeeweektimeline.org.uk) was also created in response to this year’s theme and acknowledges the contributions of refugees to our history and heritage. It aims to share a far more inclusive and accurate history of the United Kingdom, taking in to consideration the contributions of refugees. The resource will be developed to become an important space to learn, share and exchange memories and personal stories about refugee experiences, local histories and neighbourhoods.

Read the summary here – or find the full evaluation report here, which assesses the 2013 Refugee Week events and other programme activity, marketing and media, Simple Acts and other major developments.

[Page link icon: BFI Robert Vas event, in association with Refugee Week UK 2013. Photographer Credit: Dominika Widlak-Manka]