This year we would like to put a spotlight on the refugee children and young people who exhibit such adaptability, resilience and determination in rebuilding their lives in the UK, and who play (and will go on to play) an important role in shaping our future society.

This is our shared future. We all have a part to play in contributing to a better future and supporting every individual to realize their potential and their rights to a future full of promise and life.

With 50% of the worlds refugees reported to be children and young people in the current global refugee crisis we are seeing unfold in front of us it feels an important time to dedicate the Week to refugee children and young people.

This year we will be:

  • Developing and promoting stories and activities that explore how young refugees perceive their futures and influence our (future) society
  • Highlighting the importance of welcoming, protecting and supporting refugee children and young people, both as a basic human right and way of ensuring that they are given a chance to contribute to our future *Keep an eye out for how you can show your support by completing your Simple Acts of Welcome *
  • Promoting refugee children and young people as key players in educating their peers and host communities
  • Celebrating the contributions of refugee children and young people in educating their peers on refugee experiences and current challenges
  • Highlighting the brilliant services that support young refugees to reach their potential and make a positive contribution to the UK

Why this theme?

By dedicating Refugee Week to refugee children and young people, we want to encourage their involvement in Refugee Week. We are calling for Young Ambassadors to help us to develop a fresh approach to Refugee Week and promote the people working hard to welcome new arrivals to the UK.

We hope that the focus on our shared future: refugee children and young people will be open and inclusive enough to allow our partners and participating organisations to interpret it according to their own priorities and aspirations. We can’t wait to hear your plans!

We are excited to be developing collaborations with a range of people already: BFI, Tate Modern, British Council, City of Sanctuary, Celebrating Sanctuary, Brighter Futures & Praxis, Refugee Youth Project, Platforma, V&A Museum of Childhood, Museum of London, V&A Museum and all of our Refugee Week partners.

Photo Credit: A German refugee child enjoying a Superman comic (at New York Children’s Colony, a school for refugee children). October 1942, sourced from: