Guest post by Hari Reed of Refugee History

June 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week. In recognition of this, UEA Refugee History is producing a week-long blog series focussing on the ways that the field of refugee aid, reception, advocacy and solidarity has grown, been challenged and adapted over the past 20 years.

The global refugee situation has changed rapidly over the past two decades, and we wish to recognise and reflect on the different forms of support refugees have received from their host nations and communities since 1998. This might include the history of specific organisations within the UK or further afield, or a more general overview of the successes and failures of refugee response as a whole – humanitarian, governmental or grassroots.

Would you like to write something for us on this topic?

For more information or to discuss a contribution, get in touch at or on Twitter at @RefugeeHistory. Deadline for completed articles: Friday 8th June.

UEA Refugee History brings together researchers and practitioners in evidence-based conversations about current and past refugee movements. Our accessible and informative blog articles draw on expertise, research and experience to enrich and contextualise today’s refugee debates. Our Policy Paper, presented in Parliament in December 2017, is freely available on our website.