(c) Marcia Chandra

(c) Marcia Chandra

Refugee Week is coming, and there all kinds of ways children and young people can take part, 14 – 20 June.

The new Refugee Week Children + Young People’s Pack 2021 is full of ideas and resources to help young people of all ages understand what it means to be a refugee, and inspire them to help build a more welcoming world.

The resources are produced by a range of different organisations and include films, books, learning packs and creative activities.

For teachers – whether you’re looking for a short activity, lesson plan, material for assemblies or inspiration for an ongoing project, we hope you’ll find something to suit your classroom.

For families – pick an activity to explore with children at home, or share the pack with their school and invite them to take part in Refugee Week.

Thousands of young people take part in Refugee Week every year – and it wouldn’t happen without you.

Thank you!