Image (c) Ambrose Musiyiwa, CivicLeicester

Image (c) Ambrose Musiyiwa, CivicLeicester

How can we use the arts and sports to bring people together? What are the best ways to publicise our events and projects, and how do we make sure the right people are in the lead?

These questions and more were the subject of rich discussion at our national Refugee Week Conferences 2019 in Coventry (11 February) and London (15 February).

We hope the notes and other materials below will be useful in your planning for Refugee Week 2019, as well as wider projects on arts and culture, refugees and social change.

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Introducing Refugee Week 2019

Listen – Refugee Week UK Coordinator Emily Churchill Zaraa on Refugee Week, this year’s theme and how you can get involved:



Spread the Word: Media and Social Media Tools and Tips

Workshop by Alex Mitchelmore and Katherine Maxwell-Rose, IMiX – migration communications hub

Handout 1 – Media and Interview Tips

Handout 2 – Interview Prep & Press Release Tips

Handout 3 – Social Media Tips

Media Presentation:

Social Media Presentation:


Building Your Local Refugee Week

Workshop facilitated by Tom Green, Counterpoints Arts and (in Coventry) Rachael Cox, Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham

Building Your Local Refugee Week workshop notes


Football as a Tool for Integration

Workshop with Kevin Coleman, FA , Jonathan Hunt, Coventry City Council (in Coventry), Cormac Whelan, Positive Youth Foundation Football programme and Maggie Murphy, Equal Playing Field; chaired by Susie Murphy, Positive Youth Foundation

Football as a Tool for Integration workshop notes




Get Up Stand Up

Comedy workshop and performance by Tom Parry and Nour Ani-Sisserian, No Direction Home (by Camden People’s Theatre and Counterpoints Arts)

No Direction Home Facebook page

To find out more about No Direction Home workshops or performances, contact


Refugee-Led Projects

Workshop by Natasha Nzazi, Sabrina Richmond and Salani Mutseyami (Coventry) and Abu Zayd Abdulrahman and Daniela Nofal (London), Refugee Week Leadership Project with Kolbassia Haoussou, Survivors Speak Out

Refugee-led projects workshop notes