By Jane Hogg.

I have been a volunteer caseworker at our local British Red Cross Refugee Support for nearly eight years. Yesterday my husband I hosted a “Refutea” in our garden.

Despite the weather nearly 50 people came. We had to put the stalls (books, bric a brac and tombola) in the garage and people found the most sheltered place they could to sit and chat. It was warm so many were happy to sit in the garden or wander round to admire it (which was nice as we had worked hard on it!).

My colleagues at Refugee Support people plus a couple of fellow church goers helped . One of these, our treasurer,was a Kindertransport refugee in the early 1940s. A few people did my refugee quiz and found how much they did not know, including how little as asylum seeker has to live on!

We made nearly £600 and still counting as more donations have been promised.

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