Separate the facts from the fibs

Facts & figures

Separate fact from fiction with these useful guides about asylum seekers and refugees in the UK:

Refugee Facts and Figures (British Red Cross)

The Facts: Asylum in the UK (UNHCR)

Glossary of Refugee-Related Terms (Migrant Help)

History and contributions of refugees in the UK

Did you know that The Voice star Rita Ora was a refugee? Or that the family of artist Lucien Freud moved to London in the 1930s to avoid persecution by the Nazis? The Traces Project timeline tells the untold stories of musicians, writers, film-makers, architects and other artists who have found sanctuary in the UK:

Refugees have made a massive cultural, social and economic contribution to life in the UK in the last 450 years. Many famous household names are evidence of the presence of refugees: Camille Pisarro, Sigmund Freud, Frank Auerback and Arthur Koestler to name but a few. This pack contains a timeline of refugees in the UK and their contributions:

History and Contribution of Refugees to the UK (Refugee Week information pack)