This Refugee Week the language course provider, Rosetta Stone, will be donating language courses to refugees via our festival partners. They were inspired by the work of one man named Mr Eichholz who lives in Hamburg, Germany, who shows how one man can make a big difference to the lives of many people around him. Mr Eichholz decided to help new refugees arriving in his local community by teaching them some German.

He  reached out to Rosetta Stone for help and found great success using their software, so much so that Rosetta Stone were inspired to launch a Buy One. Give One campaign this Refugee Week.

When Mr Eichholz saw the urgent need that refugees arriving in his area had for German language skills and how eager they were to learn, it didn’t take the 70 year old Mr Eichholz long to act. Starting with just a few individuals in his living room, he grew the project, getting help from Rosetta Stone and moving his sessions into the local community centre. Now he teaches up to 15 people in his ‘master classes’. It’s a truly inspiring tale that touched all our hearts.

Watch this video and enjoy the story for yourself (in German with subtitles).