Here are seven stories of some very different people who have one thing in common – they are all refugees.

We’re inviting you to ‘meet’ these people as part of Refugee Week 2019’s Simple Acts campaign.

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1. Author Dina Nayeri’s guardian long read, The Ungrateful Refugee: we have no debt to pay, challenges the idea that refugees should shed their old identities and be eternally thankful. Her new book by the same name will be published later this month.


Read Dina’s story 

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2. Barca Halabieh: Theatre is a powerful platform for telling stories – as a refugee, I never thought I would use it to tell mine


Read Baraa’s story

via HuffPost


3. Onjali Q Raúf’s gripping refugee tale wins the 2019 Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize


Read Onjali’s story

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4. Usman Khalid: In immigration detention I couldn’t contribute to society – now I’m out I try to remember those still locked up


Read Usman’s story here

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5. i-D magazine: 5 stories about seeking refugee status in the UK


Read the stories here

via i-D


6. Refugee Supermodel Alek Wek – A story that inspires


Listen to Alek’s story

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7. ELLE magazine speaks to three women about what it’s like to be a refugee in Britain today


Read their stories


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