Guest post by Katherine Maxwell-Rose, IMIX

All over the country local communities have been responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in the most extraordinary ways. From making food to give to hospital workers, sewing masks and PPE equipment to video calling those who are isolated to running food banks for the most vulnerable – the hospitality, kindness and courage we have seen has been truly remarkable.

IMIX and Refugee Week are keen to hear stories from across the network about how you have been making a difference during these difficult times. We believe that by sharing positive, human stories from the refugee and migration sector, we can help to change the narrative about immigration in this country. So we would love to hear from you if the Refugee Week or action groups you are part of have been involved in some positive work during this time. We are particularly keen to hear from those from refugee backgrounds about how they have been involved.

It might be something small or big – either way we would love to hear from you! These are some of the stories which IMIX has already been sharing on their blog

If you have a story to share please fill in this form including any photos or short videos which you have which help tell the story of what you have been doing. Photos and videos are particularly powerful for using on social media.

We are hoping to collate all these stories into some content for social media for Refugee Week 2020 to help us celebrate all your amazing contributions. This could be a blog, a photo gallery or even a short film.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and finding out about all the incredible ways you have been making a difference.

Please respond to this form no later than Tuesday, 26 May.