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3. Share a dish

Whenever you get a bunch of people at a table, you learn about the people at that table. The young folks learn about their elders, they learn about their culture and listen to stories about the past.” Mashama Bailey, Chef’s Table 

In a formerly segregated bus station in Savvannah, Georgia, chef Mashama Bailey co-runs the restaurant ‘The Grey’, serving traditional Southern food with a twist. She understands that recipes hold stories, and that by sharing them in new ways, and with new people, we can create new ones. 

This Simple Act is an invitation to come together around a table – old and young, long-standing locals and those who have just arrived – and share in the aromas and flavours of the food you love bestWhether it’s a childhood favourite, a beloved recipe ‘from home’ or a dish from a country you haven’t yet seen, you’ll be embarking on a shared journey, with your tastebuds as your guide 

And as the flavours begin to flow, you might find the stories do, too. Who taught you this dish? Who did you used to eat it with, and when?  

You can bet that when the last mouthful is finished, you’ll all know each other that little bit better. 

We’ll be inviting you to try a selection of recipes from aroud the world, or share your own using the hashtag #SimpleActs #ShareaDish 

Be inspired by our list of recipes from refugees from around the world

(Please also share photos of your dishes, and you enjoying them!). 

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