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Last Refugee Week, your fact-finding skills shone a light on some shocking and important truths about the way our country treats refugees – such as the fact that the UK is the only European country where people can be kept in immigration detention without a time limit. 

This year, we’re asking you to find and share one fact about refugees through history that you didn’t know before. It could be that the inventor of the Mini was a Greek refugee, or that we have Jewish refugees to thank for the fish in fish and chips (there you go, we just gave you two). 

Use these websites to help you, or find your own trusted sources: 

Traces Project: Timeline of cultural contributions by people who have sought safety in the UK, Counterpoints Arts and UNHCR

The Heritage and Contributions of Refugees to the UK, Refugee Week resource

Records of refugee history held in the National Archives

Refugee timeline and downloadable resources from the Refugee History website (click ‘resources’) 

Did you uncover a fact that surprised you, or that you think more people should know? Tell a friend, or share on social media using the hashtags #SimpleActs and #Generations.