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Our partners Amnesty International UK invite you to write a poem on the theme of ‘family’

Write a poem about family

This Simple Act is an invitation to write your own poem or collaborative poem about your family.

You could use one of these lines to get started:

Being with my family is like…

Family is…

Being without my family is like…

Or explore the theme ‘time spent with my family’ and take inspiration from spoken word poet Dean Atta’s example:

The Family Mystery.

Speak out through your poetry

 Where would you be without your family?

Restrictive UK rules are keeping refugee families apart. The Families Together campaign is calling for that to change.

Support the campaign by

Sharing your poem on social media using the hashtags #SimpleActs #FamiliesTogether #WordsthatBurn

Sending your poem to Amnesty International UK for their website and the Families Together campaign

This Simple Act is supported by Words That Burn – Amnesty UK’s national project challenging you to make a difference through poetry.

Be inspired by

This collaborative poem by Amnesty UK staff and volunteers,  written in support of the Families Together Campaign

Being with my family is like the sunniest day at the most beautiful beach

Being without my family is like being shipwrecked on an Island- alone!

Being with my family is like a life with purpose

Being without my family is like floating on a sea of uncertainty, unconnected, unprotected