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Send a Message

Crispin Benton was walking along the beach in Cornwall in March when he spotted an unusual-looking bottle. In it was a message from a six-year-old girl from Canada, tossed into the sea when she was on holiday in the Bahamas 21 years ago. It said simply “do not pollute”, and asked the finder to write back.

There aren’t many more simple ways to share joy and excitement than sending a message. Throwing a line to another person that says “I’m here, where are you?”, or perhaps “I’m thinking of you – you’re not alone”.

You don’t need a bottle to do this Simple Act – just a pen and paper, or your mobile phone. Join us in sharing a message of kindness and hope, and let’s see how many new connections we can make this Refugee Week. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Quick and easy:

  • What message would you like to send in solidarity with people seeking safety, such as those fleeing violence in Afghanistan or Ukraine? Share your message online using #SendaMessage and #SimpleActs, and together let’s flood social media with kindness and solidarity. 

Going further:

  • Write, draw or craft your message of kindness and hope, and display it somewhere the world can see it.
  • Join with others to organise a letter-writing exchange for Refugee Week. How will your messages travel across real and imagined borders? What can we learn from each other?
  • Send a message or card to someone who is going through a hard time, to let them know they are not alone.
  • Send a thank you card or message to someone who has helped you. It could be recently, or a long time ago. Maybe they taught you something, supported you through difficulties or made you feel welcome, and you never had the chance to thank them – until now!
  • Write a message to your imagined descendants or someone in the future. What are your hopes for the world they are living in? What might we do today to bring it about?

Share your messages on social media using #SendaMessage #SimpleActs.

If your social media post includes images or names of other people, make sure you get permission first, including from parents/ guardians of anyone under 18.

Send a Message is one of eight Simple Acts you can do for Refugee Week 2022. To view them all, visit the Simple Acts page.