Sharing food with others is a powerful symbol  of love, care and connection. Food is perhaps the most powerful  way to nurture relationships and to share cultures or traditions. Food says we are neighbours, friends, or chosen family. We are still alive, and we can feel joy. Food is healing. Food is home. That’s why making and sharing food is one of the most powerful acts of compassion.

Every Refugee Week people come together over food, share recipes, teach each other dishes and of course, sit down to share meals. 

Some ideas to get you started!

  • Host a meal sharing dishes from different cultures, at home or as part of a Refugee Week event.
  • Share or swap favourite recipes from home, and have a go at making a new dish!
  • Hold or join a cooking class to learn a dish and hear stories from other parts of the world.
  • Make a new recipe for a cookbook (here are some of our current favourites: Skatepal, The Iraqi Cookbook, Sami Tamimi, Olia Hercules, My Recipe My Story, Stories and Supper)

You can also attend one of the many amazing food and cooking events happening during and around Refugee Week, such as:

And find more at our events calendar by clicking on ‘Food and Drink’ in Categories.

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Share a Dish is one of ten Simple Acts you can do for Refugee Week 2023. To view them all, visit the Simple Acts page.