Refugee Week France

Refugee Week will be crossing the Channel in 2016, with the organisation SINGA hosting France’s first ever Refugee Week activities.

Marie Beaurepaire, Director of the SINGA Paris community, said:

SINGA was created in 2012 to get the French society mobilised around projects developed by refugees – be they cultural, social, artistic, civic or entrepreneurial.

More specifically, SINGA creates spaces and tools for refugees and people living in France to stimulate and improve interactions, and to put in practise the idea that doing and making together will make for a better life together.

Every year, around the time of the International Refugee Day, SINGA presents its very diverse activities to the public in what we call the “Village SINGA”. The objective is to show that we can value and nurture each other’s qualities and assets by meeting one another around shared ideas, hobbies and projects.

This year, SINGA will participate in the 2016 edition of Refugee Week to celebrate the people who have joined our community, and to acknowledge and assert that we all belong to a broader movement in which everyone is valued and welcomed.

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