A guest post by Caroline Hoile​ from Grumpy Sheep Music

We composed a song to raise awareness and to celebrate Refugee Week for primary school children, and, as it turned out, for all those who were young at heart and enjoyed singing!

‘One World to Share’ is an upbeat song with thoughtful words embracing our shared humanity. Not only was it sung enthusiastically by primary schools during Refugee Week, but we also took to the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne with an adult pop-up singing group, and literally sang the song – in true busking style! – to all those who were passing by. We were heartened by the largely positive reactions of people who listened to us each time we sang during Refugee Week, and even had onlookers joining in with us! We were especially humbled to be acknowledged by Jonathan Ellis during his talk at Newcastle library after hearing the song and the message it contains.

Below is a video of children from one of our local schools in Newcastle, St. Teresa’s Primary school, enjoying a whole school sing! The teachers in St. Teresa’s had used the song as a way in to discuss what it meant to be a refugee with the children.

‘One World to Share’ is one song from a larger project for primary schools which will take place in 2017. Using material from this project we hope to be able to take part in Refugee Week 2017 with our songs and music, to raise even more awareness amongst the children who participate, and thereby also reaching the audiences who will be watching and listening. And you never know, we may well be out busking with pop-up singing groups in the streets of Newcastle again too!