For Refugee Week why not change your social media banners to help spread the message of welcome?

These images are free to download and are great for sharing the message of #RefugeesWelcome on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Click on your choice of the images below and then right-click to download.

RW-Twitter-Cover-photo-1 RW-Twitter-Cover-photo-2

FB-banner-1 (1) 2 FB-banner-2 (1) FB-banner-4 (1) FB-banner-5 (1) FB-banner-6 (1)

RW-2016-FB-4 RW-2016-FB-3 RW-2016-FB-2 FB-RW-2016-13 FB-RW-2016-11 FB-RW-2016-10 FB-RW-2016-9 FB-RW-2016-7 FB-RW-2016-5 FB-RW-2016-3


Tw-RW-2016-5 Tw-RW-2016-16 Tw-RW-2016-14 Tw-RW-2016-10 Tw-RW-2016-9 Tw-RW-2016-4 Tw-RW-2016-3 Tw-RW-2016-3-2 Tw-RW-2016-2 Tw-RW-2016-2-2