A car loaded with personal possessions is turned into a living space – an impossible home for a “modern nomad unable to belong and grow roots”.

‘Nowhere is Home’ by Manaf Halbouni, 2015 from Counterpoints Arts on Vimeo.

This personal yet universal piece by German-Syrian artist Manaf Halbouni speaks of his transient life in exile from Damascus. It also stands as a moving testament to loss, resilience and hope for over 50 million displaced people across the world, who are often forced to hastily pack a few cherished belongings onto a car before escaping war, natural disaster or conflict.

‘Nowhere is Home’ will be located at the Southbank Centre from 16-21 June (as an outdoor installation linked to the dis/placed show), and at the V&A’s Friday Late event on 26th June. From 22 – 25 June, the car will be driven around London as an interactive installation, generating public engagement with issues relating to global displacement.

Originally commissioned for the exhibition ‘Dispossessed’ at the Venice Biennale by Wroclaw with Dresden and Lviv. This partner piece for Refugee Week 2015 has been co-commissioned by the V&A and Counterpoints Arts.

Film by Isla Gordon-Crozier

Special thanks to the Southbank Centre and RIFT Studios for their support

For more information visit www.counterpointsarts.org.uk