Nothing says ‘I welcome refugees’ better than a sign that says ‘I welcome refugees’.

If you believe people escaping war and persecution should be given a safe home and a chance to start again, then let the world know with a banner that says so! Click here to take a look at our printable banners and choose the message you want to share (or write one of your own).

Once you’ve printed your banner, decide how you’re going to share it. You could post a photo of yourself holding it, put it in a window, hang it on a wall at school or even take it on a tour of your local town (just like Ciara and Beatrice did in Birmingham for Refugee Week 2016).

Log your Simple Act by sharing on social media with the hashtag #SimpleActs, or emailing us.

Join us in saying it loud and saying is clear: refugees are welcome here!

There are 20 Simple Acts to celebrate 20 years of Refugee Week. For more information and the full list, visit the Simple Acts page