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When is Refugee Week?

Refugee Week takes place every year from the Monday to Sunday of the week around World Refugee Day on 20 June.


How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved in Refugee Week. You can organise an event, volunteer, attend an event or add your voice on social media.


How can I find out what’s going on in my area?

Have a look at the Refugee Week events calendar, where you can find out what’s on in your city, town or region.

To find other event organisers in your area, visit the list of key regional and national organisers on the Refugee Week website.


Do I need to ask before organising a Refugee Week event?

No. Refugee Week is an umbrella festival, which means anyone can organise an event and call it Refugee Week. The only requirements are that the event happens during the week, and that it celebrates refugee contributions to the UK and/ or promotes better understanding of refugee experiences.


Can you help me organise my event?

We offer the following resources and support for event organisers:

Free posters and postcards, downloadable banners and stickers for your event – click here to browse

Advice, ideas and resources for your event – see the Hold an Event section of the website

T-shirts, badges, balloons, banners and other Refugee Week merchandise – available to buy from our online shop

Wherever possible, we help venues/ organisations looking for speakers or artists, and vice versa. Contact your regional point of contact or email Refugee Week UK Coordinator Emily Churchill Zaraa:


How can I publicise my event?

Once you have a date and venue for your event, you can upload it to our website here. This means anyone looking for a Refugee Week event in your area can find it.

Tag Refugee Week on social media using @RefugeeWeek (Twitter) and @RefugeeWeekUK (Instagram), and look out for Refugee Week media and social media packs in the Hold and event section of the website.


How can I get hold of Refugee Week merchandise?

We produce free posters and postcards every Refugee Week, which you can order here. You can also buy merchandise balloons, badges, t-shirts and banners visit our online shop.


Can I use the Refugee Week logo?

Of course! You can download it here


I want to organise an activity with young people in my school or community, can you help?

Visit our Children & Young People page to browse educational resources available for Refugee Week.