• Published On: 6th November 2023

    Theme of Refugee Week 2024: Our Home

      “To me, a home is where you feel loved, […]

  • Published On: 24th October 2023

    How I became a photographer on Google Maps

    Guest blog by Mahide Uz You have no idea where […]

  • Published On: 21st September 2023

    Can libraries be therapeutic?

    The answer is yes! Anyone who has read a comic […]

  • Published On: 8th September 2023

    Putting #CompassionIntoAction this Refugee Week

    Guest blog written by Emma Cherniavsky, from UK for UNHCR.

  • Published On: 7th September 2023

    Recounting the refugee stories that shaped me

    Guest blog written by Writer, Oral Historian and Visual storyteller Arber Gashi.

  • Published On: 6th September 2023

    Grow your compassion with Eden Project Communities

    Guest blog by Eden Project Communities Marketing Manager Kate Groves.

  • Published On: 27th June 2023

    World Refugee Day – Migrants’ Rights Network

    Guest blog by Migrants' Rights Network for World Refugee Day, originally published here on June 20, 2023.

  • Published On: 23rd June 2023

    A Friend Named Compassion: a poem co-created by this year’s ambassadors

  • Published On: 22nd June 2023

    Always Be Kind: Leon Ung On His Family’s Remarkable Journey

    This guest blog is by our friends & partners Refugee Council.

  • Published On: 21st June 2023

    What does Compassion mean? a powerful film with this year’s Refugee Week Ambassadors

  • Published On: 17th June 2023

    Refugee Kite & Compassion by Md Mominul Hamid

    By its very nature, a kite represents freedom and the ability to rise above.

  • Published On: 16th June 2023

    Seeking Refuge in art and music: with Iranian musician and asylum seeker Babak Barbod

    BEAF 2023’s Stateless is an immersive acrobatic performance unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

  • Published On: 15th June 2023

    Molly Newberry: Cycling to New Zealand for Refugees on a Quest for Eden

    Words by Molly Newberry, Community Network Developer for Eden Project Communities.

  • Published On: 14th June 2023

    Share a Dish at the Great Street Feast

    Sharing food with others is a powerful symbol  of love, care and connection.

  • Published On: 14th June 2023

    How London is Celebrating Refugee Week 2023